Xiaomi Announces Its Wi-Fi Supported Smart Blender

Xiaomi announced the Wi-Fi supported smart blender Mijia. Xiaomi Mijia can be a remarkable product with preset speed levels and food preservation mode.
Although the Chinese technology company Xiaomi stands out with its smartphones, it is possible to say that it is a true consumer electronics company with a wide range of products ranging from robot vacuum cleaners to electric scooters. Xiaomi has further expanded its product range with its new smart blender.

Xiaomi Mijia smart blender is a product that is not very small with its dimensions of 188x222x436mm and has a volume of 1600mL in the mixing chamber. The feature that makes the Xiaomi Mijia smart blender “smart” is that it is a smart home device that supports Wi-Fi connection. So why did Xiaomi need to add Wi-Fi support to a computer?

Xiaomi Mijia smart blender can keep the temperature of the food inside for up to 12 hours.

xiaomi blender

Xiaomi Mijia has preset blending modes with 9 different speed levels as well as manual mode where you can turn the blender on and off in a classic way. You can view and adjust these modes on the OLED screen on the device, as well as view and adjust them on your smartphone.

xiaomi mijia

More importantly, Xiaomi Mijia also has a food preservation mode thanks to its heat generator system. Thanks to this mode, you can keep your hot food or drinks in Xiaomi Mijia for up to 12 hours at its current temperature. Again, this mode can be controlled via a smartphone.

Xiaomi has offered the Mijia smart blender only in China for the time being, at least, and announced a price tag of 399 yuan, or about 50 euros. Xiaomi may be a preferred product due to arrive Mijia if the sale does not include any information about the offered and will not be offered in Turkey together and the food, especially the speed setting protection mode.

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