The smallest car in the world is on sale! How much?

The world’s smallest car is back for sale in a refurbished form. Here is the new P50 sold as a DIY kit.

The world’s smallest car ever produced is back on sale with a modern spin. The 1962 Peel P50 re-entered the production line, taking up almost even less space than a phone booth . Here are the new P50 options suitable for the automobile world.

P50 features and price

Measuring 137 cm long and 99 cm wide , the refurbished P50 is actually quite different from the 1962 model. In fact, it no longer even has a connection with the car’s manufacturer (Peel Engineering Company).

A team called P50 Cars provides the opportunity for each user to build their own car with the parts offered on the internet. The team, which puts the kits of the P50 model on sale, says that they offer a do-it-yourself kit ” similar to the original P50 “.

According to P50 Cars’ description, the kit comes with everything you need to get the car on the road. Also, the manufacturer believes it will be easy to register the car as it would normally be categorized as a moped or light motorcycle.

Let us remind you that there are some customizations on the seller’s website. You can optionally choose a four-stroke petrol engine or a high-torque electric motor . The world’s smallest car can be purchased on P50 Cars in a variety of different designs and in different colours .

The price of the car ranges from £7,495 to £19,995. It is possible to order immediately online, but we do not know if they will ship to Turkey. It was also stated that the parts will be produced after receiving the order.

The website’s description uses the following statements about the P50’s story:

Alex Orchin (founder of P50 Cars) wanted to buy it after seeing the original Peel P.50. But he realized that the originals were over £100,000 and wanted to create his own P.50. Used it regularly for day trips in England (after making his own vehicle).

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