NASA Shares The Best Photos Of The Earth Taken From Space In 2020

NASA, 2020’de Uzaydan Çekilmiş En İyi Dünya Fotoğraflarını Paylaştı

NASA recently released a video of the best photographs of the world taken by astronauts on the International Space Station.
World-view photos taken from space by astronauts on the NASA International Space Station continue to be published. These photographs, taken during certain periods of the year 2020, sometimes reveal gigantic cities, and sometimes the oceans and barren lands.

20 photos that made it to the finals among thousands of photos taken by astronauts were shared with people on YouTube. Among the photographs, the lively city life of Paris, which was taken in the dark, was the most striking.

Here are the most beautiful photos of our planet

Astronauts on the International Space Station take thousands of photos of the planet we are on every year. These photos are voted on by a community at NASA. This year, 20 different photos were chosen as the best world photos of 2020.

One of the most striking photographs in the video is a view of Paris, the capital of France, taken from kilometers above. As can be seen from the photo, Paris has a lively city life that can be seen with the naked eye even from space. The video also includes the deep blue images of Cyprus and the North Atlantic Ocean floating above the dust cloud.

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