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Windows 11 is asking users for credit card information!

Microsoft has shared an update with 2 new key features for Windows 11. The Credit Card inquiry was the most notable.

Microsoft announced late last month that Android support on Windows computers is starting faster than expected thanks to a collaboration with Amazon. The new Windows 11 update, released this month, brings 2 new features. Here are the details…

What does the new Windows 11 update offer?

Microsoft today released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22567. With this new update, he began to automatically question his credit cards. The operating logic of this system is that you purchased the Windows license and now it is not in the form of sharing your credit card information.

Rather, if you have a Game Pass membership or added a credit card to pay when purchasing something like a game or movie through the Microsoft Store, it asks you to share card information so that your accounts and subscriptions don’t expire when that card expires or no longer appears on the system.

Windows 11

Microsoft says asking for this credit card information in the update it shared on Windows 11 is part of the subscription options it added last month. But as we said, it actually works as an early warning system, just like on Netflix and YouTube, in order to prevent users from involuntarily ending their subscriptions. So it doesn’t require information sharing.

Another innovation in the shared update was what Microsoft calls Smart App Control, or SAC for short. Microsoft describes this feature as a novelty for Windows 11 that blocks untrusted or potentially dangerous applications.

In fact, this is quite similar to what Windows Defender, which we used in the past period, does. But we’ll see what differences they have or what innovation it actually brings. But just like defender, the final decision belongs to the user. That’s why he doesn’t necessarily exempt you from anything.

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