The Fitbit Charge 5 has the expected features!

Fitbit, which stands out for its smart wristbands, has introduced the Charge 5 to users in recent months. Today, the update came in.

Fitbitlaunched its Charge 5 smart wristband in September. However, this new model went on sale without some features. For example, an ECG application. With ECG monitoring, users can measure their heart rate all day. This is an important health feature of smartwatches and wristbands.

Finally, with Fitbit’s new update for Premium members, some features have come to this model. Here are all the details of the device…

Fitbit Charge 5 now ECG enabled

It’s been two months since the launch of the Charge 5,which features a brand new design and a color display. We received news of a new update today, The Vergereported. Thus, Fitbit’s new Daily Readiness Score, which recommends the application of an electrocardiogram (ECG)and how hard you should work, is now available in the new model.

What are the features of the Fitbit Charge 5?
(Foto: The Verge)

Fitbit has finally announced an update for the Charge 5 and some of its models. The ECG app reads the rhythm of your heart to evaluate atrial fibrillation. To read your heart rate, you need to open the app, put your fingers on stainless steel panels on both sides of the Charge 5 and wait 30 seconds.

ECG apps are available on many wearables, including Fitbit’s Sense smartwatch, as well as the Apple Watch. However, applications on such devices cannot give you a definitive diagnosis. For example, research shows that the Apple Watch shows multiple types of irregular heartbeats. Therefore, you should go to the doctor when you have any concerns about your heart health.

The New Daily Readiness Score on the Fitbit Charge 5 uses the data it watches to suggest your work that day. The smart wristband assesses your activities, heart rate change and sleep for the points account. Accordingly, a higher score indicates that you can work more intensively, while a lower score indicates otherwise.

By the way, the Daily Readiness Score is exclusive to Fitbit Premium. This means you need to sign up for a $9.99 monthly subscription service to use it. Also, this feature is not only available on Charge 5. It’s also available on Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Luxe, or Inspire 2.

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