Google is changing its Chrome logo after 8 years!

After an 8-year hiatus, Google decided to change its logo in a change for its popular browser Chrome.

The last time Google edited the Chrome logo we used was 8 years ago. The company, which has been coming up with improvements to its browser for some time, announced that it will update the existing logo for Android, Windows and macOS as the ornament of the cake. Here are the details…

The Google Chrome logo is being renewed!

Google has updated its Pokeball-like logo in the Pokemon cartoon twice to date. The company made the biggest change by updating its logo between 2008 and 2011. He then used the 2nd logo for 3 years.

Google Chrome

The company then updated the logo it used between 2011 and 2014 in its current form, keeping the logo the same with small touches and making some changes to its colors. But for the next eight years, we didn’t see any change.

With this new change to the Chrome logo, Google will actually offer some customizations that vary according to the operating system. So we will be able to see different designs on Android, Windows and macOS systems.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google is said to be considering several alternatives to the Chrome logo before making this change decision. Radical changes, especially regarding negative space use, have been carried out, but the company wants to take more confident steps.

In addition, the company announced that it will first present its new logo with the Canary update, which was shared with users today. He said we’ll see change in all operating systems in the next few months.

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