Apple Will Get All 120 Hz Displays To Be Used On iPhone 13 From Samsung

According to the information shared by the South Korean industrial media organization The Elec, Samsung will be the only supplier of the 120 Hz screens that Apple will use on the iPhone 13, which wants to weaken its connection with Samsung.
Although Apple is in great competition with Samsung in the smartphone market, it is also one of the most important customers of the South Korean technology company. Especially since Apple switched to OLED display with the iPhone X, Samsung has been Apple’s largest display supplier.

According to the information shared by The Elec, Apple will use LTPO OLED panel instead of the standard OLED in two of the four iPhone 13 models (possibly the Pro and Pro Max models) and will offer a high screen refresh rate of 120 Hz. Moreover, Samsung will be the only LTPO OLED display supplier in Apple to increase the number of display suppliers to strengthen its hand against Samsung in price negotiation.

Apple signs with Samsung to offer ProMotion display on iPhone 13

iphone 13

In fact, Apple was expected to use 120 Hz screens called “ProMotion” with the iPhone 12 family. However, the 120 Hz screen refresh rate, combined with the 5G connection, caused heating and high battery consumption, causing the company to abandon the ProMotion screen. LTPO OLED screens, which we can call Turkish as polycrystalline oxide at low temperature, both heat less and have lower energy consumption compared to standard OLED.

In fact, Apple already uses LTPO OLED screens in Apple Watch models. Thanks to this special screen technology, Apple Watch models can reduce the refresh rate to almost zero when the screen is not actively used, and can save a significant amount of energy consumption.

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