Will Using a VPN While Gaming Drop Ping?

Our country’s incomplete infrastructure, combined with the fact that the servers are too far away, cause players to see extremely high pings. So, is using a VPN service the solution to this high ping problem?
Many people may want to conduct their online activities confidentially due to any privacy concerns. For these people, the best solution would be to use a VPN.

When you use VPN, ‘Virtual Private Network’, you connect to the website or any online service you want to access via the servers in the service from which you get the VPN service. Thus, you can perform your internet activities from a different country over a different IP.

Is using a VPN useful for our general business?

The answer to this question may vary depending on what you use the VPN for. Yes it is useful if you are concerned about privacy and want to hide your true online identity using a virtual server. Are you connecting to free public Wi-Fi networks? It is definitely useful. Are you connecting to restricted networks such as workplaces and schools? Absolutely, but definitely useful.

Is it useful to use a VPN in games?

When playing an online game, you connect to the game company’s servers with your computer. Using a VPN service while gaming means adding an external layer between the game server and your computer. VPN servers are usually located abroad. The problem is that most of the game servers are also located abroad. So when you connect to a game with VPN service, you extend the path of a server that is already far away.

As a result, the latency time, called ping, increases as it increases. This negatively affects your game performance and naturally your gaming pleasure.

However, we cannot say that VPN is completely harmful. For example, you may not be able to connect to the game server due to the limited network at school or at work. In this case, you can access the game using VPN. Also, using a VPN while playing games will not seriously affect latency when gaming or VPN servers are not far away. However, considering that VPN servers can become unstable and servers are often too far away to increase latency, we recommend that you think twice about using a VPN service while gaming.

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