Niantic, Developer of Pokemon Go, Acquires Mayhem

Making a name for itself with Pokemon Go, Niantic continues to add new companies and initiatives. The company recently announced that it has acquired Mayhem from the Y Combinator 2018 winter group.
Pokemon Go’s developer studio Niantic has incorporated the league and tournament organizing platform SF player startup to help players build their own community for popular productions.

Mayhem, acquired by Niantic, was in the 2018 winter group of Y Combinator, the startup acceleration company. Accel, Afore Capital and NextGen Venture Partners were among the supporters of Mayhem, which went up to $ 5.7 million in funding.

Niantic buys Mayhem


According to the news in Techcrunch, Mayhem changed its focus after its debut in Y Combinator. This change took place when he announced his service named Visor. This service was analyzing e-sports videos and helping its users improve their performance.

After that, the focus of the company changed completely. Mayhem has turned entirely to community tools where players can find matches and tournaments for games like Overwatch. With this acquisition, the majority of the Mayhem team will be included in Niantic.

Niantic has made quite a few purchases so far. In 2017, the company acquired Evertoon, which enables its users to make short and personal films. The company made the most purchases in 2018. In 2018, it acquired augmented reality company Escher Reality, machine learning company Matrix Mill, game studio Seismic Games and DigiLens. Niantic acquired Sensible Object and 6D.ai in 2019 and 2020.

With the acquisition of Mayhem, a community platform was added among them. Of course, despite these acquisitions by the company, it still seems to be the money printing machine Pokemon Go.

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