Apple’s new rules surprised! Employees are reproaching

Apple office rules have changed once again. Saying that he wants to see his employees in the office three days a week, Apple has received a reaction.

Many companies, especially Apple, have not been able to streamline the rules of working from the office since the pandemic began. While some companies are moving to purely hybrid work, others said that everyone should come to the office. Apple, on the other hand, announced its new plans for hybrid operation.

Apple wants employees to come to the office at least three days a week

Apple has announced its new hybrid operating policy, which will be implemented from September 5th . The tech giant said people working on its Santa Clara campus should come to the office at least three days a week. Apple, which makes Tuesday and Thursday mandatory, stated that the other day can be selected by the teams.

In the memo sent to employees by Apple manager Craig Federighi , it was stated that employees can determine the third day to come to the office as they wish. But he said he believes coming into the office for more than three days will “increase team motivation and allow them to fully interact.”

The hybrid working policy, which was first introduced in June 2021, was delayed after employees reproached it. Apple has finally confirmed that it will implement this decision on September 5. Apple CEO Tim Cook said they will continue to provide “support and flexibility” to employees.

“September 5 marks the true beginning of our hybrid operation pilot in the Santa Clara Valley,” Craig Federighi wrote in a note to employees. The program, which will be implemented as a pilot, will be implemented in other offices if accepted by the employees.

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While cases of Covid-19 have continued to rise since June, it doesn’t seem to affect Apple’s new hybrid operating policy. Apple had previously requested two doses of vaccine from its employees and even a third dose as a reminder.

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