Important transfer from Apple for autonomous vehicle production!

Apple wants to step into the world of automobiles. Finally, the company recruited an important figure who worked at Tesla

Apple,one of the most valuable companies in the world, continues to make moves to expand its business. In 2014, the company announced that they wanted to produce autonomous vehicles under its own brand. At the time, this news had a great resonance in the world agenda. However, the immediate explanation was that they were not equipped for the production of such a vehicle.

Therefore, a long work was carried out for the highly anticipated vehicle. It’s finally over. Developed for years, the Apple Carwill be released from the factory in 2024. There is little information about the vehicle except that it will be powered entirely by electricity and the battery will be based on technology called nanocell. But Apple’s latest transfer confirmed another feature.

Although there were reports from time to time, Applewas secretly conducting its work on the car. Tesla is one of the company’s biggest competitors for the vehicle,which is expected to be electric and autonomous. But Apple has made a big transfer from its formidable rival. The company hired Christopher CJ Moore,Tesla’s autopilot software director.

Moore had previously clashed with Elon Musk. The software director said six months ago that Musk had exaggeratedthe timeline he had planned for the production of autonomous vehicles. In a statement, Moore said his announcements that Level 5 automated driving would be coming soon did not match the reality of engineering.

Musk says the Telsa vehicle can operate with zero human intervention. However, the vehicle has technology that requires a certain level of steering intervention by the driver, currently defined as Level 2. Different opinions on this went all the way to the crossroads for Moore and Tesla. In addition to Moore, Apple has recruited two engineers working at Mercedesin recent months for the car project.

In 2014, Apple began work on a car called Project Titan. Although it has been working undercover, the company is demonstrating developments in the project with its test drive area, which it leased in Arizonalast month. Apple is also partnering with companies such as Hanwha and LG Electronics. The company is likely to be very vocal in this field in the coming years.

Do you think Apple will succeed in the world of electric cars? Please share your opinions about electric and autonomous vehicles with us in the comments section.

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